Debtor Information
(Last updated 10/01/11)

Frequently Asked Questions
At the first meeting of creditors, the Trustee provides a handbook to each individual who has filed a Chapter 13 plan. This handbook, commonly called the “Green Book” because of the color of its cover, includes information about many of the most common concerns and questions that may arise during the course of a Chapter 13 plan. Download an electronic version of the handbook [PDF format].

Obligations of Debtors in Chapter 13
In the handbook referenced above and available via the link to an electronic version, Section 32 “Rules of the Road,” contains valuable information on the obligations and duties of a Debtor in Chapter 13. The Bankruptcy Code has specific and detailed information on the duties and obligations of a Debtor in Chapter 13 and your attorney is the best resource for information on your obligations throughout the term of your bankruptcy.

The National Data Center Website: 24/7 information about your case
The Trustee’s software provider maintains a website where you can access Trustee information about your Chapter 13 plan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the website is easy. Point your web browser to the National Data Center. Then, click on “Get Started Now”. The site will walk you through the steps needed to set up a User Account. Make sure to have basic information about your case handy as you set up your account, like your case number and your bankruptcy paperwork that list all of your creditors. Once you have set up a Username and Password, you can access your case information at any time.

DVD of instructions to debtors produced by Judge Krumm
Download or view Judge Krumm's DVD of instructions to debtors. [Video specs: 24 MB, 16 minutes]  Note:  Because of the large file size, be patient as the video may take a few minutes to play or download depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once downloaded, the video should play automatically. If not, click the play button on your video player. If you are having trouble accessing this MP4-formatted video, we recommend that you install QuickTime.

One thing to remember about this website:  the information on the website can sometimes be several days old, so if you are looking to see if a recent payment has posted, for example, it will take a little bit longer to appear on this site than it will to appear in the Trustee’s in-office system. If you need time sensitive information, please don’t hesitate to call the Trustee’s office at (434) 817-9913 for more current information. Links to Other Resources